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CITSEE staff publications in 2011

Staff publications

In 2011, the CITSEE team, which includes researchers based at the University of Edinburgh (Jo Shaw, Igor Stiks, Dejan Stjepanovic, Nick Holdstock and Gezim Krasniqi) as well as associated researchers based elsewhere (Jelena Dzankic, Jelena Vasiljevic, Ljubica Spaskovska, Tomaz Dezelan, Viktor Koska, Eldar Sarajlic, Slobodan Karamanic, Simonida Kacarska, Davor Marko, Natasa Pantic and Marko Zilovic), have published a substantial amount of academic work in 2011, including books, edited volumes, journal articles, research analyses and policy papers.

In 2011 CITSEE research fellows and associated scholars produced 18 working papers, including 7 case studies on citizenship regimes in the states that emerged after the break up of Yugoslavia (which are available for free download on the CITSEE website).

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