A never-ending tunnel
15 December 2011

Serbs in the northern part of Kosovo remain trapped in a political dispute between Pristina and BelgradAlthough both Pristina and Belgrade treat them as their respective citizens, they were included in neither the Kosovo organised census in spring 2011, nor the one organised by Serbia in autumn 2011. While they boycotted the first one (unlike Serbs living south of Mitrovica and other minorities), Serbs from the northern part of Kosovo were left out of the Serb census. This certainly has strengthened the feeling of isolation and abandonment among this community. Therefore, the demand for Russian citizenship should be seen in this context.

Security before human rights?
16 November 2011

Even the most rigorous attempts at enforcing the EU’s borders are unlikely to prevent illegal immigration. The issue thus cannot simply be one of security and enforcement, but also how to ensure the welfare of migrants in a way that promotes social cohesion.

27 October 2011

If the concept of a Yugosphere has any utility, it is probably in the cultural sphere. In both the literary and dramatic spheres, there are reports of joint publishing ventures and cross-border productions, and a general renewal of the cultural ties disrupted by the Yugoslav conflict. However, whilst this trend is to be applauded, such trends are far from unique to the region- co-operative financing, with sources from multiple countries, is a commonplace of film, television and theatre productions.

A long road to the EU
22 September 2011

Along with the adoption of the Election Law in September 2011, the process of Europeanisation (through EU’s political conditionality) has also yielded a change in Montenegro’s citizenship legislation, resulting in a facilitated naturalisation for citizens of the former Yugoslav republics.

Which direction? Diaspora politics in Serbia and Croatia
26 May 2011

The issue of defining the rights of those in diaspora is (again) under discussion in Croatia and Serbia.

squinting at dual citizenship
12 April 2011

Citizenship struggles in Montenegro and between Montenegro and Serbia continue.

A reflection of stop sign; a photo by Alf Thomas
23 March 2011

The rise in asylum seekers following visa liberalisation in the Western Balkans.